Bernie, Missouri Forum (Topix, Craigslist, etc.) Alternatives

With a population just a bit short of 2,000 (2010 census), Bernie is a US city located in the Missouri State. Like many other cities in the US – or even across the globe – people are looking for ways to join local discussions or search for places near them to get necessary goods or services.

Bernie, Missouri is no exception. In fact, there is a high demand for forums, discussion communities and local searches for this city across the Internet.

To gain more knowledge about Bernie such as name origins, notable people, demographics, geography and etc. check out Wikipedia.


Currently, people couldn’t access Bernie Topix section.

In fact, when you try to access Topix website these days, you would encounter a page asking whether you are interested in “Quizzes and Slideshows.”

Altogether, it’s been a while since the old style of Topix website, where each city has its own section on the website no longer exists.

If you’re not familiar with what we just said just see this:

That’s what Topix city sections used to look like. Particularly, when you accessed Bernie, Mo Topix forum several years ago, you would see the page below:

As you see here, Topix contained numerous sections for each city such as local news and forums, coupons and shopping, yellow pages, local businesses, and more.

These days, there you would find no more of these sections because of the fact that all of them are closed.


People go to the most famous American classified ads website, Craigslist, for many reasons. The website includes different sections such as discussion forums, gigs, services, housing and jobs.

Unfortunately, craigslist has no special subdomain dedicated to Bernie city. The reason might be due to the rather low population.

Instead, there is a subdomain ‘semo’ which is dedicated to entire Southeast Missouri.

In other words, users who want to, for example, buy used furniture or cars or seek Bernie real estate services could only go to instead of a special section for their city.

Although Craigslist offer a great functionality for what it provides, many people find the website ugly to look at.

For these people, we recommend alternative classifieds ads website with better looks which offer similar services.


There are lots of communities and forums out on the Internet where people could easily start or join discussions – many of which might require you to login or sign up before going further to post threads.

Also, many news websites (such as News Break) provide users with updated news offering informative services along with commenting abilities to their users.

You could also search your city name (in this case Bernie) in major search engines such as Google or Bing to see what comes up and then discover more news and discussion on the web.

And don’t forget classifieds website which allow people to post ads or view them freely.

Another method is to use websites with local-oriented content. One great example would be the website.

There you could easily search for your intended local business (such as a restaurant) in your area – like Bernie. website is another great resource for those looking for local professionals and businesses in Bernie – or other cities for that matter.

There you could find required details using the search section or accessing through categories.

And finally, for those interested in Bernie real estate, we recommend checking out special sections for the city on famous real estate websites such as Zillow, Realtor or Trulia.

There you could find homes for sale with prices from as low as about $20K up to half a million dollars.

You could even take advantage of the map section there to better focus on areas suiting you the most.

We know that none of these alternatives could serve as Bernie, Mo Topix did, but what could we do now that we’ll probably never have that back.

Missouri State communities

Sometimes, when you think a little bit non-local you would find better solutions for your problem. In this case, since Bernie is a small city in Missouri, it’s very common to happen that people find their local communities with difficulties.

But when they consider neighboring cities – like Kennett, Sikeston or Poplar Bluff, Mo – or even the entire state, they’d be rewarded with better results.

One great example is Missouri Travel Forum on Tripadvisor. Although the page is mostly for users looking for travel discussions and advice on Missouri topics, local could benefit a lot from the forum as well.

Currently, there are more than 10,000 topics on the forum. The most recent titles include open/closed businesses or stores, airports information, bike trails, and more.

In fact, you could get valuable information on local events from different websites with various subjects.