Top 5 Best Zoids Model Kits

Zoids toys, and Zoids model kits are very popular among those fans of Zoids series. Here we’ve listed a few of the best toy models made by famous brands for these popular anime series.

1. Zoids HMM Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver. (1/72 scale)

No other aircrafts in HMM series could be considered as well-known and popular as ‘Liger Zero.’

Just assemble this amazing and interesting Zoids action figure to reproduce the look-alike toy similar to the lion-type robot seen in ‘Zoids: Fuzors’ and ‘Zoids: New Century.’


  • Finished figure total length: about 310mm
  • Newly added caution marks and emblems – as decals – which could be pasted by users as they like
  • Expandable ‘Ion Turbo Booster’ in rear

This Zoids Liger Zero toy is made by Kotobukiya, and has a very high rating on Amazon (4.7 out of 5) with lots of positive reviews.

To get this great Zoids model kit or read more of its reviews and pricing info just check out

2. Zoids Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver. (1/72 scale model kit)

It’s a Zoid action figure very similar to the one just above in our list, but with slight differences.

Here are some of the features of this HMM series toy:

  • Plastic molded parts built in details and in a great number
  • No paint required, just use the available colored plastic parts of the kit
  • Don’t glue the part since the model could be snapped together very easily
  • Finished figure total length: about 320mm

Go to to purchase this Zoid figure kit or read more about it on Amazon.

3. Zoids HMM Berserk Fuhrer (1/72 scale model kit)

As another huge bio-mechanical figure among more than 200 types of such robots displayed in Zoids series, Berserk Fuhrer (or Berserk Fury) is another model kit – made by Gundam – which you could get and assemble to have the final toy.

Please note that no paint is necessary since the toy’s plastic is colored.

Also, you wouldn’t need any glue due to the action figure being assembled by just snapping together.

Amazon page at has listed this Berserk Fuhrer figure kit for sale.

4. Takara Tomy Zoids Wild Liger

This is a Zoids model kit designed according to the Wild Liger mechanical animal depicted in the Zoids series.

Included items with this kit are excavation pack, digging pack, WB unit, mechanical unit, graffiti label, rider figure, eye parts, link parts and restoration book.

And one of the great things about this toy is that it’s a moving model kit. It means that some of its parts could move: mouth opening/closing, hook claw moving up/down, and so on.

Please note that it requires a battery to operate – which should be purchased separately. is the resource on Amazon which could be used to order this Zoid toy figure.

5. Zoid Wild Gilraptor Model Kit by Takara Tomy

Gilraptor is another animal-based robot designed by Zoids which could be assembled with this action figure model kit.

Like the above model, this kit comes with moving parts as well. So, expect to be surprised by waving tails and opening mouth.

Again, a battery is necessary for this model toy to be fully operable.

Just open the Amazon page at to get more detailed information about this amazing Zoid kit.

Also, remember that some of the above figures and model kits might not be suitable for small kids (like 3 years or younger) since they have small parts which make them hazardous.