How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error

Many users encounter the disk write error in Steam. This usually happens when they are updating or installing a game in the application.

Behind this issue, there might be many reasons. To solve the problem and make the Steam working normally for you again we recommend you to try these methods which many experts have suggested:

Check hard drive

A disk write error could happen in Steam in case the hard disk is reaching end of file or suffering from bad sectors.

In that situation, in order to solve the problem it’s a great idea to fix the hard drive. But first you need to check it for any possible error.

But don’t worry. To check your hard drive in Windows you need no extra application or software to do the task. The good news is that Windows has a built-in tool which allows you to scan Windows system files for any issue and restore them in case it finds any.

Other advantage about this utility is the fact that it comes with all Microsoft Windows versions including Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and so on.

To run System File Checker (or SFC in short) in Windows, just type the following command in Command Prompt:

sfc /scannow

Please note that the above command tells the utility to scan for problems and repair them if there are any.

After running the SFC command, don’t cancel it during the execution and wait until it’s finished.

When the SFC utility is complete with its operation, start Steam again to see if the error is gone and it functions normally.

Disable disk write protection

If the hard disk is write protected, the disk write error could happen in Steam. To disable this feature we get use of another useful Windows utility called Diskpart. The tool offers hard drive management by a variety of commands through command-line.

But we don’t need all of the commands to solve the problem. Just a few of them could be enough for our issue.

To do the job, just follow the easy steps below:

  • Open the cmd with administrator rights. In order to do that you could type cmd after pressing the key with Windows logo on your keyboard. Click on ‘Run as administrator’ when you right-click on ‘Command Prompt’.
  • Now the following commands should be typed in command line respectively.
    list disk
    (replace the hard disk number with error with # in the next command.)
    select disk #
    (and in the end enter the next line.)
    attributes disk clear readonly
    (Just don’t forget to press Enter after all commands above.)
  • Now the cmd windows could be closed.

Try the software again and check whether the error is still there.

Move game folder

Sometimes using another folder on hard drive as an alternative game folder could fix the issue of writing to disk error.

This method works by giving the Steam software a new local space to use instead of the old one which might be including conflictions because of some local files existing since before.

In order to change your game folder in Steam you need to:

  • Go to the Settings in the application after launching it.
  • ‘Add new Library folder’ should be clicked after following this path: Downloads > Steam Library Folders
  • Shift the game folder to the new location by navigating to it.

The software might function properly after running the easy steps above if the error was a result of issues related to the old game folder in Steam.

Delete the 0KB file

Another common reason for this error to occur is game files with 0KB sizes. As it’s obvious, these files contain no content and are totally blank but just don’t allow for any new file with the same name to be created.

The location of these files is in the steam>steamapps>common folder in the hard drive which the Steam application is installed. And please note that this path is usually in the ‘Program Files’ folder which includes folders for other installed software on your computer as well.

Before continuing with this method be sure to close the Steam application and make sure that no process related to the software is running on your PC.

To do that run the Task Manager and check the processes to see if there is anything related to the program still running.

Now you could navigate to the path we mentioned earlier for Steam common files. You could open the location with File Explorer.

Check carefully if there is any file with the game file name which is 0KB in size. If you scroll the whole folder and encounter any such file then delete it.

Now try again with what were you doing before (such as updating/downloading a Steam game) which resulted in the disk write error. Hopefully it’s gone after trying this method.

Run flushconfig

Lots of errors and issues in Steam could be solved using the Steam://flushconfig command.

The great thing about using this command is that without affecting anything about the Steam game files, games or Steam account, the original state of the software could be restored. In addition, the core files of the application are refreshed too as a result of running flushconfig.

Open the Run window in your Windows by pressing the Win & R key together. Then, type steam://flushconfig in the dialogue bar.

Next, confirm the flush by clicking on OK in the next window.

All default settings would be restored for Steam after running this command and the program configuration would be reset.

So, to see if this method has been able to resolve the problem just try the process in Steam one another time again.