Top Places to Get Hollow Knight Plushies

Want a Hollow Knight plush toy so badly because you’re a fan of the game, but don’t know how to get the plushie? Or just want to browse toys of the main character of your new game? Just keep on reading to get the right answer for your quest.

What is Hollow Knight?

Just an intro for those not knowing the game: Hollow Knight is an action-adventure video game which is available for most platforms such as Xbox One, PS4, macOS and Windows, but especially popular on Nintendo Switch.

If you don’t have the game yet, you could get it for your Switch device through

Exploring the underground world, a nameless knight, which is like an insect, is controlled by the player. For environmental interaction and combat, this knight uses a nail which is a sword in shape of a cone.

There are many sorts of creatures and hostile bugs in the Hollow Knight game which are encountered by the player.

Anyway, to grab the popular knight of this video game in shape of a plush toy figure you have these choices:


Lots of different merchandise regarding Hollow Knight video game could be found at Amazon, including the plush figure of the popular character of the game:

According to the toy maker, this stuffed toy figure could be a great gift for small children as it is designed with the right size for them. That’s not too big, and not too small: about 12 inches.

In addition, it is cuddly and super soft. Along with being a potential gift for kids, this Hollow Knight plush figure could be used for parties, games, presentations, role-playing, daycare, teaching, storytelling, puppet and theater, and so on.


Etsy in another option for those looking for anything related to handcrafts and handmade merch, even when it comes to video games.

When you search the website for related terms, one of the first results is a plushie of Hollow Knight listed at available for order at $30.

The material used to make this toy – measuring about 8.5” x 5” – is fleece. Also, to fill it they’ve used polyester fiber.

The same shop which sells the plush toy, also have made the plush pattern available for sale at the same shop, which could be useful for those looking for a design pattern to make the Hollow Knight plush toy themselves.

Hollow Knight Grub plush is also available through another shop at Etsy: ($33)

In addition to Hollow Knight plushies, you could find other items related to the game on Etsy. These include charms, wall clocks, 3D figures, T-shirts, keychains, stickers, mugs, and so on.

Apparently, the video game has inspired lots of creative people over the Internet to create artistically handmade objects related to this popular video game.

Other retailers

When we searched Walmart for Hollow knight toys, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. This could be a great choice for some people since they might prefer shopping for the Hollow Knight toys at offline stores.

On the other hand, there are several listings on eBay website for these popular plushies, most of which are imported from China.

The prices of plush toys and stuffed animals on eBay are often cheaper compared to famous retailers such as Amazon. That’s why this website could be considered a suitable resource for deal seekers.


Although there are a variety of websites and retailers over the Internet listing Hollow Knight plush toys for sale, there are no chief difference between the toy designs. In fact, most of the toys of this popular video game character are very similar in terms of shape and color. So, beyond that, the main deciding factor could be the price tag which is easily comparable by a few searches on the web.